Barroco XXI concludes, creative contest of the Ibero Puebla.

After four intense months of coordinated work between the Business Innovation Node of the Institute of Design and Technological Innovation (IDIT) of the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, which is coordinated by Mtra. Elia Irigoyen García and the companies La Casa del Mendrugo, Mayeh Alta Joyería Mexicana, Grupo Textil Providencia and Decoré Muebles ended the Barroco XXI contest.

Contest whose objective was to demonstrate the infinite wealth of forms, colors and textures present in everything that surrounds us: buildings, art, cuisine, expressions, ways of being and feeling, which define the traditions and identity of our state.

Furniture and Decoration, Jewelry, Gastronomy and Textile were the four categories of the meeting where José Luis Sierra Gómez, Venito Pérez López, María Guadalupe Flores Hernández and Alexandra Hernández, respectively, were winners.

In this way, the jewelry collection Cruzando el Tiempo by Venito Pérez López, who used a mixture of silver, amber and talavera to create a choker, a bracelet and a set of earrings.

Thus, under that gaze, Dr. Fernando Fernández Font, rector of IBERO Puebla expressed his joy because for the University this contest was a way of celebrating art and creativity, but above all it represented a way of generating synergy between artists, businessmen, public servants and civil society.

Dr. Fernández Font assured that in complex times such as those in which we live, art represents a response to harmonious coexistence and the creation of networks that will open up paths to correct the course. At the same time, he thanked the International Baroque Museum (MIB) for opening its doors for this meeting, as well as the participating companies for giving themselves the opportunity to link up with the University.

In this sense, Elizabeth Soberón Domínguez, deputy director of operations of the MIB, thanked IBERO Puebla, Decoré, Mayeh, Grupo Textil Providencia and Casa del Mendrugo for these types of events, which reveal the validity and importance of the Baroque while betting by new Mexican artists capable of generating projects to rescue culture and to continue strengthening our present and our future.

The Mtro. Aristarco Cortés Marín, director of the IDIT of IBERO Puebla, spoke about the importance of open competitions and how they contribute to solving real problems. “It brings together companies, they seek to innovate with change agents who want to generate new ideas and that is the perfect combination to develop new things.”

It should be noted that Barroco XXI had as witnesses of honor Dr. Lilia María Vélez Iglesias, Academic Director General; and Dr. Javier Sánchez Díaz de Rivera, General Director of Linking, both from IBERO Puebla.

The jury teams were made up of specialists from each of the leading companies, as well as professionals from the areas that included Baroque XXI.

In jewelry, the judges were Ivón Fuentes Téllez de Mayeh, Dulce Vega, director of the North America region, Mayeh High end designs, LLC; Michel Paulhus, jeweler entrepreneur and Erik F. Necoechea Porras, coordinator of the IBERO Puebla Foundry and 3D design for jewelry diploma.


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