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Bracelet “Tree of life with 7 angel wings” in silver .925.

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Bracelet “Tree of life with 7 angel wings” in silver .925.

About the collection:

The Tree of Life is a clay sculpture crafted in central Mexico, mainly in Izúcar de Matamoros, in the State of Puebla, and in Metepec, in the State of Mexico .The Tree of Life by Mayeh High End Design (MY ) found its inspiration on this beautiful tradition. Mayeh High End Design is a brand originally from Puebla de los Ángeles (Puebla of the Angels) and with this .925 silver or 24k gold plated design of 7 angel wings, MY is representing the 7 archangels. By wearing this design we want you to feel the protection of those angels who safeguard you and are part of your life.

Product dimensions:

Height: 1.77 inches.

Width: 2.36 inches.

Length: 2.16 inches.

Weight: 0.08 lb.

Note: These dimensions are approximate.

It includes: Certificate of authenticity and packaging.

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