Social Responsibility



Social responsibility plays an important role in our corporate identity, and as such, Mayeh High End Designs focuses on supporting community development through job opportunities for suburban and semi-rural women in Mexico, who are often the main providers in their households.

Mayeh High End Designs has also opened up new spaces for artistic expression, and has partnered with artists and artisans who want to take advantage of these new possibilities, thus optimizing synergies where Mexican traditions, art, and identity can flourish and be successfully expressed in the form of high end design jewelry.

By supporting and expanding opportunities for artists and artisans, these collaborations create synergy and flourish the most beautiful and elegant art that reflects the high design in Mayeh High End Designs.

In an effort to cast a wider net with this project and bring to fruition the full scope of this dream, Mayeh High End Design Jewelry intends to build relationships with not-for-profit agencies in Mexico and the United States, to strengthen this chain link of community engagement and corporate commitment.

  • Women like us
  • Rotary Club International Fresno California
  • Rotary Club Intenational México
  • Beca a un niño indígena (DIF Puebla)
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Latino Coaletion Agaist to domestic Violence
  • Montesory School Indianpolis
  • School blind foundation
  • Elizabeth Coleman Pregnancy & Adoption Services
  • Friends for life en Singapur