Universe Mayeh

Mayeh comes from Nahuatl,
whose meaning is:
"A good hand"

Modern and contemporary Mexican art, culture and tradition are defined in each Mayeh High End Design (MY).

Our designs, brimming with life, fuse different elements in Mexican art to stir exquisite feelings in the eyes of those who admire true art expressed in jewelry.

The set of unique elements inspiring each MY collection are a combination of Mexican art, (for example: Talavera from Puebla, black pottery or embroidery from Central and Southern Mexico) and precious stones, fine leather, swarovski crystal, 22 carat gold, silver .925, among other.

MY jewels are an expression of art, culture, love and passion for Mexico. Each piece has an identity of its own and conveys to the world the greatness of our people, the colors found along our roads, the smiles encountered in our towns and the flavor of living in Mexico.

Feel the pride and privilege of wearing unique jewelry art that expresses the richness, beauty and elegance of our Mexico.

We are committed to embodying elegance, art and passion in every jewel, and on being your accomplices for those special moments in your life.


  • Entrepreneurial esprit
  • Historic heritage symbolized in our jewelry
  • Elegance
  • Loyalty
  • Identity of our Mexico
  • Tradition
  • Make every moment unique
  • Innovation
  • Social responsibility


Ivón Fuentes Téllez received a degree in Marketing from Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Mexico. She also has completed diplomates in Luxury Branding and Management from Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, Spain; Jewelry Design and Fashion Marketing from the European Institute of Design in Milan, Italy; Public Relations and Advertising from Complutense University of Madrid, Spain; Operations Management from Fudan University in Shanghai, China; and Corporate Leadership from Antony Robbins and Robert Kiyozaki in the USA and Thailand.

The need to share Mexican elegance with the rest of the world is the inspiration behind each creation and design at Mayeh High End Design. The young entrepreneur Ivón Fuentes who founded this brand loves to explore different cultures around the world and realized that in displaying Mexico’s rich heritage in every one of her designs, she would be following her heart.

Mayeh Alta Joyería Mexicana, is a registered trademark in the European Union, Mexico and the United States. It is also a Women Owned certified company.

Mayeh Alta Joyeria Mexicana had the honor of being one of the very few Mexican companies selected to participate in the Fit for Partnership Program sponsored by the German Ministry of Economy and Energy.

Mayeh Alta Joyería Mexicana’s international presence in events such as PREMIUM Berlin in Germany, Expo Jewelry Marina Bay in Singapore, Universal Expo in Milan Italy, and various International Festivals in Mexico and the United States has been well-received and valued for its cultural heritage and artistic expression. It is also the only jewelry brand in Mexico that is part of the permanent collection at the International Baroque Museum. Mayeh Alta Joyería Mexicana has produced exclusive collections inspired by permanent collections at the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum in Madrid, Spain.

Mayeh high end design DNA

  • Distinction: Modern Mexico’s elegance, distinctiveness and unique essence are reflected in each one of our creations.
  • Art: A unique display of art in each creation and within each jewel combines harmoniously to express originality.
  • Nurture: Our passion NURTURES INNOVATIVE AND AVANT-GARDE styles in designing each jewel so that you experience Mexico’s culture and art.


Jewelry Care

Mayeh High End Design specializes in one-of-a kind designs. Each piece of jewelry art is delicately handcrafted; therefore it requires special care to extend its life.

After each use, we suggest you take the following steps in caring for your gold-plated 24karat and silver .925 items:

*Clean gently with soft cloth and keep each ítem inside its bag, in an airtight bag, or in a padded box to avoid scratches. Aggresive polishing can damage your jewelry.

*Avoid exposure to substances like chlorine, cleaning fluids, grease, perfumes, lotions, cosmetic, perspiration, or any substances which contain alcohol, sulfur or oil. These can stain your jewelry.

*Avoid exposure to heat, humidity, artifical or natural light for extended periods of time.

*Natural gemstones or pearls should NOT be in contact with jewelry cleaning fluid sor agents.

*Be very careful with the pieces in talavera, and swarovsky. They are sensitive materials, can be damaged if they have and strong impact on a surface.