It is only a recommendation for updating you about Mayeh Alta Joyería Mexicana discounts, promotions, or new collections.

If your purchase was made at a physical point of sale, please request the invoice directly at the point of sale. In case of making online purchases, please email us at: management @ or call us at: (222) 2 88 27 58 within a period of no more than 5 business days and / or within the same month.

If you acquired your gold-plated items more than a year ago, recommended maintenance would consist of re-plating the pieces in gold.  Costs and specifications for this procedure can be obtained from a Mayeh advisor by calling (222) 2 88 27 58.

By writing to or calling (222) 2 88 27 58 to review the request and confirm the feasibility of the repair.

The lifetime of the gold bath depends on several factors, such as jewelry care, the weather, an individual’s PH level, handling, etc.

For optimal duration, please consult the jewelry care section.

Yes, it is normal. It is a natural process that occurs due to several factors. One of the most common causes is contact with the sulfur in the environment. At first, this contact produces a yellowish layer that later on turns darker. Although other factors such as climate and PH levels can also affect it. There are cloth towels and cleaning solutions to clean your silver. We carry silver-cleaning supplies that you can purchase directly from us.

To keep your jewelry in optimal condition, please consult the jewelry care section.

Yes, all deliveries include with a warranty certificate.

Yes, our Arte Talavera Collection includes the most prestigious and traditional Talavera created in Mexico since 1824. Uriarte Talavera has official Mexican standard (NOM-132-SCFI) certification. Additionally, its products are part of the Cultural and Material Heritage of Humanity, as established by UNESCO.

For any questions or concerns that are not addressed in this section, please contact us and we will gladly assist you, via WhatsApp, at (222) 2 88 27 58 or by email

We will always be here to answer any questions and deliver the best customer service available.

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