You are acquiring a 100% Mexican artisan product. Genuine leather offers a gentle touch and may have marks, variation or quality that will always make it unique.

We give you the following recommendations on how you should care for your jewel bag:

  1. The skin does not tolerate moisture, oil, chemicals or excessive exposure to natural light.
  1. To preserve your jewel bag it is important that you allocate a dry space and always pack it with its dust cover bag to avoid damaging the skin of the jewel bag.
  1. To clean your jewel bag it is important that you use a clean cloth with neutral grease (if necessary).
  1. Do not support anything on it or place any type of weight on the jewel bag, as it may deform the leather and lose its original condition and appearance.
  1. Avoid overloading your jewel bag as it can cause the handles to crack with excessive weight.
  1. If it rains or your jewel bag gets wet, just wipe it dry with a white cotton cloth.
  1. If any liquid is spilled, be especially careful with alcohol (be it a perfume or a drink), since if a drop falls on the bag, it will stain it.
  1. Do not carry your cosmetics in your bag as this will prevent them from opening accidentally and damaging the inside of your jewel bag because also in some jewel bag designs, we handle the interiors in leather. Put your cosmetics in a special cosmetic bag to keep the inside of your bag spotless.
  1. Never touch your jewel bag with dirty hands or with excess of any type of chemical or grease. Make sure you always keep them clean to avoid stains on your jewel bag.
  1. If you are going to have your jewel bag stored for a long time, fill it with bubble rubber preferably so that it does not deform. Use china paper on the outside, not magazine or newspaper, as the ink could stain your jewel bag. Always use the dust cover.
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