Mayeh Alta Joyería Mexicana, specializes in unique designs. Each piece of jewelry is delicately handcrafted, therefore requires special care to extend the life of your jewelry.

After each use we suggest the following care for items bathed in gold and / or .925 silver:

1. Gently wipe with a soft cloth (aggressive polishing can cause damage) and store each item in its respective bag, or in a sealed pack bag and plush case.

2. Avoid exposing them to substances such as chlorine, cleaning liquids, grease, perfumes, creams, sweat, fresh or saltwater; as well as other products that contain alcohol or oil, since these can cause permanent stains and damage your parts.

3. Avoid exposing them to heat, humidity, artificial or natural light for long periods of time, since your jewel can suffer permanent damage.

4. Do not use cleaning agents or jewelry-cleaning liquids on natural stones or pearls.

5. Carefully handle Talavera, Swarovski and delicate materials as they can be seriously damaged if they have strong or sudden impacts on solid and hard surfaces.

6. Avoid mixing all your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in a single box. Store each piece separately in its own box or packaging to extend the life and care of each piece.

7. If you wish not to give continuous maintenance to your silver .925. we suggest that you first store it in a sealed packing bag and then store the sealed item in its velvet packaging in a cool, dry and cool place.

8. To clean silver, it is important that you have a towel or silver-cleaning products. You can ask us for information on the availability and costs of these cleaning products.

9. Your gold-plated items require annual maintenance or, at least, every three years they must be bathed in gold. Ask the preferential cost for Mayeh Alta Joyería Mexicana clients.

Be gentle when cleaning your jewelry, remember that the life of each item will be determined by the care you give it. That is why you must adhere to these recommendations.

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