IBERO Puebla Holds International Jewelery Design Contest.

Susana and Roosevelt, two young Oaxacans, won the “Jewelry Design Contest with Inspiration in the Mayan Culture” promoted by the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla to link national and international talent with technology, innovation and the business sphere.

Diosa Luna was the name of the winning collection, inspired by pre-Hispanic Mexico. Bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces convinced not only the dozens of people who attended the final of the contest organized by the Institute of Design and Technological Innovation (IDIT) of IBERO Puebla, but also the demanding international jury.

“It is an open innovation contest that approaches Mexican leading design companies with talents, sometimes it is difficult to make this union,” specifically Elia Irigoyen García, coordinator of the IDIT Incubator. “It is the first that we do from IDIT and the truth is that the response was unusual, we received almost 40 participants, even after the call was closed people from Germany, the United States, Central America, and South America continued to come to us. Innovation processes also break borders ”.

After submitting a portfolio with the designs, the jury selected the 10 most talented participants, who received specialized training offered by IDIT. “The designer has to understand that he is not designing for him, but for a brand and he has to represent the DNA of that brand,” he recalled.

The Puebla high jewelry company “Mayeh” was not only the brand of reference for the contestants, but also the patrons of the finalists: Julia Ferreira and the team made up of Susana Pérez and Roosevelt Reyes.

“The pieces that remain as finalists will be sold to Mayeh, the brand, will be in its catalog, it is also a way for companies to refresh their lines,” he said. “It also undertakes to market the pieces. Sometimes what a designer needs is a showcase”. For the winners, this great showcase was precisely the best prize. “At first, when we met the call, it was a challenge, but when we were in the express training we took an energy, we saw the commitment that you had with this contest, we felt that we had to reciprocate,” said Roosevelt.

The success of the competition encouraged IBERO Puebla to repeat this experience of innovation and technology. “For the second semester of this year we are outlining a contest on the theme of the Baroque, in which other Puebla companies from other fields will participate,” announced Irigoyen García. “It is a model that is now known as open innovation. IBERO Puebla is a great promoter of design in Mexico”.


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