Mexico for the first time at Fashion Week in Berlin.

Mexico, for the first time, performed with a group of young designers at the great international fashion event in Berlin, which is attended by designers of the current generation from all over the world: an explosion of color and fantasy. Mexican designers have been participating in different presentations and events of Fashion Week in Berlin and as of this Friday they are in a Pop-Up Store or “store-event”.

Mexican fashion will be featured there for three weeks: it’s a store in the heart of Berlin, in the pulsating city center that’s a magnet for visitors, numerous Berliners, young people and waves of tourists. It is a store exclusively dedicated to the presentation of Mexican designers, in an unbeatable strategic point of the German capital because it is in a very busy area for visitors. From this day the doors are open. On this inaugural afternoon there is a DJ for music, which is heard at high volume. As it is summer and there is sun and heat in the German capital, many guests gathered inside and outside the store to drink long glasses of tequila with kina water and ice, which bartenders prepared at a bar. The Patrón tequila offered is Mexican, Premium quality blue agave, and is contained in hand-blown bottles.

Guests and visitors can enter to see the clothes, buy, or simply enjoy a cold drink. In the store you can see clothing for youth, adults and children, as well as jewelry, bags and shoes, all of exclusive designs. Carlos Sánchez Pavón, CEO of ProMéxico for Europe and Africa, told Notimex in Berlin: “We are looking for new avenues in which we can develop business. So the intention of promoting Mexican fashion in new markets such as Germany is now.”

It is the first time that Mexican fashion has been presented in Berlin, “but it is not the first time that we have entered the field of fashion. Last year we held a Pop-Up Store in Paris, a Show-Room in London, and as a result of everything we had been working on, now we can do this Show Room-Pop-Up Store in Berlin, ”he said. The Pop-Up Store will last three weeks and is part of Mexico’s presentation at Fashion Week in Berlin. 15 Mexican designers participate with their brands: Arroz con Leche / Yakampot, Felina, Jorge Ayala, Kris Goyri, MANI MAALAI, MARIKA VERA, Minhk, Ocelotte, Pink Meagnolia, Royal Dalia, Salo Shayo, Sangre de mi que es Sangre, Simona, The Pack, Mayeh Alta Joyería Mexicana and Varon. “The development of the Mexican fashion market in Germany has two aspects: one, to use the Mexico-Germany Dual Year as a platform for brand presence that allows us to show the German market more than what is done in Mexico,” Sánchez explained. Pavón. “We are already well known by the automotive industry, but in sectors such as fashion we are more unknown. (The other side) is to present to the contemporary Mexican fashion scene, which is very vigorous and active and it is necessary for designers to come to know new markets ”. He considered that Berlin is in itself an international platform for its visibility in the world. “The curatorship was done by experts. Mexican designs are brought that are not only indigenous but also contemporary. A fashion that can be worn on a daily basis and also of high design, “he said. Meanwhile, Ivón Fuentes Téllez, 29 years old, owner of the Mayeh Alta Joyería Mexicana brand, said: “We seek to project the art, culture and elegance of Mexico through each jewel. All the pieces are art-sculpture. They are made in 24 carat gold and silver plating ”. The collection they brought to Berlin Fashion Week is inspired by Frida Kahlo. The new collection, called Preciosité, is going to be exhibited at the Thyssen Museum in Madrid and is inspired by Baroque art. They also brought some art that combines the ceramic work of Talavera, from the central Mexican state of Puebla. Currently his brand is found in different premium hotels in Mexico and in points of sale both in Puebla and in the rest of the Mexican Republic. He reported that the brand has already registered it in the 28 countries of the European Union.


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