ARAVE2 Hummingbird with pearl

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Earrings “Hummingbird” with pearls gold plated.

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Earrings “Hummingbird” with pearls gold plated.

About the collection:

The Mayans older and wiser, tell the story of how the Gods Created all things on Earth. How each animal, tree and stone was given a specific duty and how once the gods had completed this task they realized no one was given the job of delivering their wishes and ideas.

Since they had no more clay or maize to make another creature, they sculpted a jade stone into a very small arrow. Then, with their mouths they blew into that small arrow, sending it flying away, no longer just an arrow. Now it was alive – for the gods had created ts’unu’um (humming bird).

Product dimensions:

Height: 0.79 inches.

Width: 0.59 inches.

Length: 0.16 inches.

Weight: 0.004 lb per pair.

Note: These dimensions are approximate.

It includes: Certificate of authenticity and packaging.

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