ARPRESIOCITE3 Earrings “Preciosite” rhombus with Swarovski and gold plated

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Earrings “Preciosite” rhombus with Swarovski and gold plated.

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Earrings “Preciosite” rhombus with Swarovski and gold plated.

About the collection:

Preciosite by Mayeh is a collection inspired in the Baroque art with a modern and contemporary vision.

Preciosite is a French term and was a characteristic of those refined women who worship style, elegance and who have an exquisite taste for art.

This trend embodied a new way of thinking in order to break through the norms and boundaries of that time.

Mayeh High Mexican Jewelry draws its inspiration from the Baroque art for the creation of this new collection.

The French term Baroque was used to describe pearls of a whimsical shape. This is the origin of a word that left an indelible mark on the art world.

Product dimensions:

Height: 0.98 inches.

Width: 0.47 inches.

Length: 0.19 inches.

Weight: 0.016 lb per pair.

Note: These dimensions are approximate.

It includes: Certificate of authenticity and packaging.

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