ANSR1 Ring “Moon Goddess” with pearl and silver .950

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Ring “Moon Goddess” with pearl and silver .950.

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Ring “Moon Goddess” with pearl and silver .950.

About the collection:

The artists find their inspiration on the rich Mayan culture to create these exclusive designs. Just like all other civilizations, the Mayans developed a mythological world inhabited by gods representing nature and abstract concepts.

This beautiful collection represents Ixchel, “the White” goddess. Ixchel is the moon deity, who imbues humans and nature with life, rules over the birth of children and is capable of healing. This collection exalts the virtues of Ixchel, who nurtures all forms of life with her wisdom and beauty, as the magical giver of life, originator of love, hope and faith; a supremely wise creator who guides and shapes WOMEN in their environment.

Pearls are used to symbolize the moon, pure and perfect; like the relationship between the moon and the sea. Pearls were selected for this collection given the resemblance of this spectacularly shiny and spherical jewel with the moon. The moon, with its metallic reference to silver, rules over the ocean tides. The lunar cycle is also used to refer to a woman’s physiological cycle. Silver is used for its exquisite appearance and great value, proudly highlighting that Mexico is one of the main producers of this precious metal.

The entire outfit: dress, cane, headdress, jewelry, etc., as an allegory of its greatness, allowed us to play with a wide scope of different elements. This outfit permitted the creation of abstract motifs to represent Ixchel’s importance as a divine being, standing for and adapting itself to modern women, with its great sense of aesthetics, elegance and extravagance.

Prize Winners: Susana Pérez Atristain y Roosevelt Reyes Angel.
Review of the authors: Both are proud Oaxacans who met at the Diplomado de Diseño Industrial de Objetos CaSa (Oaxaca)-UNAM, and who yearn to work together on a common project, but this collaboration will have to wait until their participation in the Joyería Mayeh//Ibero Competition.

It includes: Certificate of authenticity and packaging.

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